TDK Showcases Automotive, AR/VR, IoT, Mobile and Wearables at CES 2019

December 11, 2018 by Paul Shepard

TDK Corporation will present a single source of innovative sensor, passive components and electronics solutions marketed under brands TDK, InvenSense, Micronas, Chirp, Tronics and EPCOS in Booth #30306, Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall 3, at CES 2019, January 8-11, Las Vegas, Nev.

To meet the growing industry demand to humanize the digital experience, TDK is advancing new materials, achieving production process control at nanometer levels, and manufacturing to zero defect standards, to offer passive components, sensors, sensor solutions and platforms for mobile, wearable, AR/VR, automotive, Internet of Things (IoT), drone and industrial applications.

At the forefront of pioneering six degrees of freedom (6DoF) solutions, TDK delivers InvenSense core competencies of 6-axis motion sensing with Chirp sonar and high-performance TMR magnetometers in a single platform integrated with fusion software. TDK will launch several new InvenSense sensors, including a line of motion sensors optimized for head-mounted displays and another for handheld controllers. TDK will also unveil new sensors with unique 7-axis fusion technology, and the world's first high-precision, inertial-aided positioning software solution for autonomous vehicles.

OEMs are invited to learn about market advancements, developments and solutions to design concerns.

Booth highlight demonstrations include:

TDK PiezoHapt™: TDK expands its portfolio of haptic components with the ultra-thin PiezoHapt™ actuator featuring a very short response time. Available in two forms, as a single layer monolithic piezo ceramic disk and as a multilayer actuator with mechanical amplifiers, these new active haptic solutions with "button-like" feedback feature very low-insertion heights tailored for a comprehensive range of consumer/industrial displays as well as for automotive use.

TDK PowerHap™: The PowerHap™ piezo actuator with haptic feedback and integrated sensor functionality is a compact actuator that significantly enhances the sensory experience of the human-machine interface. PowerHap actuators feature high acceleration and force, low insertion height and a fast response time for use in automotive flat panel consoles, single button replacement and navigation systems; consumer electronics displays (e.g., flat panel TVs, smartphones and tablets, AR/VR, game controllers and wearables); smart appliances and industrial displays.

TDK PiezoListen™: World's first piezo-based, ultra-thin (thickness of 0.45 to 0.7mm), high-power actuator converts flexible surfaces into speakers in automotive infotainment systems and flat screens. Unlike typical miniature speakers that tend to have a metallic sound, PiezoListen produces sound with dynamic range, volume and richness (midrange and high-end) that easily fills a room or vehicle.

Micronas 3D Position Hall Sensor: New Hall sensor, HAL®39xy, features stray field compensation built on a flexible architecture for multidimensional magnetic field measurements. The sensor offers four measurement modes in a single device: 1) linear position detection, 2) rotary 360° angle detection, 3) rotary 180° angle detection with stray field compensation including gradient fields, and 4) real 3D magnetic field measurement (BX, BY, BZ).

Tronics High-Performance MEMS Inertial Sensors (Gyros and Accelerometers): New MEMS inertial sensors feature closed-loop electronics for superior linearity, increased signal-to-noise ratio and improved behavior under vibration, shock and extreme temperature environments. Available in hermetically sealed ceramic packages for extended lifetimes in adverse environments.

TDK CeraPlas™ HF: New CeraPlas HF is a compact cold plasma generator element based on a PZT (lead zirconate titanate) that is low weight, consumes little power and requires low input voltage. The cold plasma generator ionizes multiple gases - including air - under normal pressure. Ideal for battery-powered handheld devices, CeraPlas can be used to treat plastics for easier imprinting, disinfect wounds, sterilize devices or foods, and eliminate unpleasant odors.

Chirp ToF Sensor: World's first MEMS ultrasonic time-of-flight (ToF) sensor consumes only microwatts while performing ultrasonic echolocation. The new inside-out 6DoF Ultrasonic Controller Tracking Solution for All-in-One VR is a tiny "sonar on a silicon chip" enabling ultrawide field-of-view, inside-out controller tracking for mobile VR/AR at 1/1000 power of other solutions.