Bosch Tackles EVs and Efficiency at CES 2024

January 22, 2024 by Jake Hertz

Bosch demonstrated a variety of new initiatives for a sustainable future. EEPower reports from CES 2024 in this roundup of Bosch’s innovations.

Every year, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) acts as the industry’s launching pad for new technologies and next-generation concepts. Fortunately, CES 2024 was no exception, as many of the industry’s biggest names, including Bosch, demonstrated the latest and greatest in consumer electronics.


A robotic arm connects the electric vehicle to a charging port.

A robotic arm connects the electric vehicle to a charging port. Image used courtesy of Bosch


A particular focus of this year’s show was sustainability, with the floor being dominated by electric vehicles (EVs) and more efficient power solutions. Bosch used the opportunity to launch a variety of sustainability-focused initiatives, one of which won a CES Innovation Award. 


Bosch and VW Team Up for Automated EV Parking

Bosch and Volkswagen subsidiary Cariad are collaborating in the testing of automated valet charging.

Built upon Bosch's automated valet parking system, the solution allows EVs to autonomously navigate to an available parking space equipped with a charging spot. A charging robot then connects to the vehicle to begin charging. Once fully charged, the vehicle moves to a regular parking spot, making the charging spot available for other EVs.


Automated parking valet.

Automated parking valet. Image used courtesy of Bosch


This technology addresses common challenges EV drivers face, such as long queues at charging stations and the inconvenience of manual charging. Additionally, automated valet charging can potentially optimize the efficiency of charging infrastructure and parking space utilization by automating it through a robotic system. 

The technology won a CES Innovation Award, and currently, testing trials are being conducted in Bosch's development parking garage in Ludwigsburg and Cariad's staff parking garage in Ingolstadt, Germany.


Bosch Tackles Efficiency

Beyond automatic valets, Bosch used CES 2024 to showcase its commitment to sustainable energy use through a series of technological innovations focused on digitalization, electrification, and hydrogen. 

First, Bosch is making strides in the semiconductor industry by producing silicon carbide (SiC) chips for EVs, which are more efficient than traditional silicon chips. In fact, the company is investing $1.5 billion into a SiC wafer fab in California with the hopes of starting SiC production in the U.S. by 2026.


A power semiconductor from Bosch.

A power semiconductor from Bosch. Image used courtesy of Bosch


Next, Bosch highlighted their new IDS Ultra Heat Pump for the home. Designed for North American climates, the fully electric pump provides 100% heating capacity down to 5°F. This was coupled with their demonstration of an electric storage water heater solution Bosch claims is up to four times more efficient than traditional water heaters. 

Further, Bosch is investing heavily in hydrogen technologies, emphasizing its role in future mobility and energy efficiency. The company has already started volume production of mobile fuel cells and is developing components for a hydrogen engine, which promises nearly carbon-neutral operation when powered by green hydrogen. The company has invested $7 billion into hydrogen hubs to support this effort.


Advancing Sustainable, Energy-Efficient Solutions

Overall, Bosch's presentations at CES 2024 highlight its dedication to advancing sustainable, efficient energy solutions across various sectors, including mobility, home appliances, and industrial technologies. Developments like these will be necessary to achieve a cleaner, more sustainable future.