TDK Semiconductor Provides EMV-Ready Software

November 02, 2004 by Jeff Shepard

TDK Semiconductor Corp. (Irvine, CA), a leader in mixed-signal communication semiconductors, announced a smart card reader software stack, which will facilitate design of TDK's 73S1112F and 73S1121F controller-based smart card reader ICs into ready-to-use smart card reader modules, compatible with the international standards EMV4.1 (level 1), ISO7816-4 and JICSAP.

The TDK "EMV-Ready" firmware application has been designed to allow immediate and seamless integration of a card reader function into any microcontroller-based system. The application software includes a command interpreter layer, operating on a challenge/response scheme, dedicated to smart card management. The format of these commands is based on the PC/SC specification, suitable to either embedded or PC applications.

The TDK "EMV-Ready" executable software stack is available free of charge, royalty-free with TDK Semiconductor's 73S1112F and 73S1121F circuits and demo boards.