Taiwan’s ITRI Develops Alternate Current LEDs

February 04, 2008 by Jeff Shepard

Taiwan’s government sponsored Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) announced that it has developed an alternate current light emitting diode (ACLED) with a luminous efficacy of 50lm/W, which is claimed not to need an ac-dc converter.

Taiwan-based LED maker Tyntek, as well as Epistar and Forward Electronics, concurrently announced that they expect to commence ACLED volume production by June of 2008 with a monthly capacity of one million units.

The ITRI claims that its ACLED can operate directly from an ac power supply at 60Hz/110V without the need for an ac-dc converter and that it can be applied in indicators and neon lights.

The ACLEDs are likely to be used in LCD panel backlights for large-size TFT LCDs, seven-inch LCDs and handset LCD displays, as well as industrial-use indicator lights and outdoors lighting segments. Tyntek said that AC-LEDs would not require a special power supply for use in outdoor applications, and could also help to lower packaging costs due to their compact size. The devices are expected to result in improved luminance while providing ESD (electrostatic discharge) protection.