Switch Datacenters Starts Incubator Program for Energy Efficient Data Center Technologies

November 18, 2012 by Jeff Shepard

Switch Datacenters is to assume the role of an incubator for energy-efficient data centre technologies. It has also engaged the services of KINXX PR to publicise its incubator programme more widely. Switch Datacenters' "Data Centre of the Future Program" comprises structured R&D methods of extensively testing new technologies, before deciding whether they are to be implemented. "We aim to adopt a considerable range of innovative data centre technologies as part of this program," says Gregor Snip, Technical Director of Switch Datacenters. Particularly in the field of data centre cooling, as this is an area which still offers scope to achieve further energy efficiency. The incubator program has dual objectives.

Mr Snip commented, "Our first data centre - Switch AMS - is located in Amsterdam, one of the world's largest internet hubs. Given that data centres generally consume large amounts of power, a great deal of attention is being devoted to energy efficiency in this region, by means such as Green IT Amsterdam - the public-private partnership comprising IT companies and the local authorities. From the perspective of corporate social responsibility (CSR) we are keen to ensure that our data centre in the Amsterdam region makes a significant contribution towards further energy savings in the data centre market."

"Furthermore, as a data centre firm, we are keen to establish a pioneering position both in the field of energy efficiency and the application of green data centre technologies," Mr Snip continues. "Primarily with a view to cutting costs, given that electricity charges form a quite considerable portion of a data centre's total operating costs. And this can basically only be achieved by trying out and meticulously testing the very latest data centre technologies yourself according to structured R&D methods, before proceeding to select the most ideal technologies on the basis of best practices."

"We are convinced that implementing and testing various cooling technologies alongside one another will enable us to make the best possible efficiency comparison," Mr Snip admits. "Moreover, the one technology may well improve or complement the other, thus providing a redundancy solution. We therefore expect to eventually be able to simultaneously employ a range of technologies from the incubator programme, either as a sort of customised hybrid or perhaps as a stand-alone technology aimed at particular customer segments. In anticipation of the launch of the programme, we have already begun testing an innovative cooling technology. Now that the incubator programme has been officially approved, we expect to be able to add further technologies to the programme within the short term."

Switch Datacenters has engaged the services of KINXX PR with a view to boosting the brand familiarity of its incubator program. "KINXX PR has gained a great deal of experience operating as an IT PR agency in the data centre & hosting market," Mr Snip enthuses.

"Furthermore, it is highly adept at conveying the story behind a firm or product in a favourable manner, which should enable us to present ourselves in a much better light, thus more easily attracting firms to participate as partners in our program for testing new data centre technologies."