STMicroelectronics Evaluation Platform Lets Customers Simulate Analog & Power ICs

April 11, 2010 by Jeff Shepard

STMicroelectronics announced the development of a new evaluation platform allowing customers to perform simulations of ST’s analog and power chips. The new IC evaluation platform enables Cadence® OrCAD®, PSpice® a robust and widely diffused technology for the simulation of ST’s analog and power product families.

ST’s analog products are already supported by ST’s [email protected] Studio free online tool, which was conceived specifically to help the design and simulation of SMPS (Switch-Mode Power Supply) systems. From now on, designs obtained via [email protected] Studio can be more accurately simulated within the Cadence OrCAD platform using PSpice. PSpice OrCAD is a full-featured, native analog and mixed-signal circuit simulator that is considered the de-facto industry-standard Spice-based simulator for system design.

"OrCAD technology is a great way to enable our customers to test drive ST’s analog and power products," said Carmelo Papa, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Industrial and Multisegment Sector, STMicroelectronics. "Evaluating our chips with the Cadence software will strengthen our customers’ confidence to have received the highest quality ICs needed for their success."

The first ST families available in PSpice via the OrCAD technology from Cadence will be dc-dc converters and ViPER monolithic ICs for SMPS; eventually it will include nearly all ST’s extensive portfolio of analog and power products.