Steifpower Selects SkyWater to Fab High Efficiency Discrete Power Devices

September 29, 2019 by Paul Shepard

SkyWater Technology announced that Steifpower Technology has chosen SkyWater as its manufacturing partner for discrete power devices, addressing the strong demand for efficient power management in systems with increasing connectivity, sensor and semiconductor content. Specifically, the companies will collaborate to design and manufacture power MOSFETs (metal oxide semiconductor field-effect transistors), IGBTs (insulated-gate bipolar transistors), and related power discrete devices, targeting Tier 1 automotive customers.

Steifpower, with over 30 years of power semiconductor experience, is utilizing SkyWater’s Integrated process Flow Transfer (SWIFT) services to rapidly ramp production, meeting its end customers’ product development milestones. The initial engagement is focused on transferring a high performance power MOSFET with excellent low Ciss (input capacitance) characteristics for better switching frequency as well as the lowest RDS(on) (device operating resistance) on the market for better efficiency in applications up to 200V.

In addition, SkyWater will process Steifpower’s advanced IGBTs with best in class switch frequency and embedded backside diode for applications up to 1700V. These high efficiency devices with very low power losses provide several advantages for vehicles such as better fuel consumption and decreased CO2 emissions, increased operating temperature, higher alternator efficiency, and better heat dissipation with lower forward voltage drop.

“The automotive industry is seeing record levels of semiconductor content to support exciting capabilities for safety, efficiency and convenience,” said Dr. Brad Ferguson, SkyWater’s Chief Technology Officer. “This trend drives strong demand for high efficiency onboard power management like that enabled by Steifpower’s technology. We are very pleased about our collaboration with Steifpower which positions us to better address these key markets.”

“SkyWater’s Technology Foundry model and expertise in developing custom process flows is well aligned with Steifpower’s needs to support new products on our technology roadmap,” said Domenico Lo Verde, Founder & Managing Director. “We are excited to be working with SkyWater on this and other projects in the future.”