ST Virtual Booth for the 2020 Applied Power Electronics Conference

April 18, 2020 by Paul Shepard

The 2020 Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC 2020) was cancelled due to health concerns related to the corona virus outbreak. In response STMicroelectronics has created a virtual booth with the company's latest innovations in power electronics that would have been presented at APEC 2020.

You can browse through demos, videos and online presentations to find the information you need to address the challenges you face in your projects.

Explore the ST booth and discover the ST solutions:

Power Control & Conversion

  • HV Digital Power Controller - 150W Digital Switch Mode Power Supply with PFC and LLC Stage featuring STNRG011 digital combo controller. Fast and easy digital power supply design with maximum configurability and high-end performance.
    • Wide configurability and calibration of the key application parameters through intuitive GUI
    • Power monitoring, communication and black box recording through UART/I2C interface
    • Maximum efficiency and low no-load consumption, compliant with major energy directives
  • Ultra-low Power Converters - Expanding the VIPerPlus family of offline converters with Viper12 and Viper31. Efficient ac-dc converters with integrated high-voltage MOSFET. High performance converter for offline flyback and buck converters.
    • The VIPer31x is an energy saving SMPS for applications up to 16W. Standby power <10mW
    • The integrated 730V MOSFET of the VIPer12x provides an optimized BOM for AC/DC buck converters
    • Bring a Plus to your design with VIPerPlus. Simplied BOM, high efficiency, high-voltage
  • Digital Power Control with STM32 - Featuring the STM32G4 series with high resolution timer (184ps) and math accelerators (CORDIC, FMAC). Ecosystem support from our partner Biricha Digital for digital power supply (ST WDS) and power factor correction (ST PLD) design tools as well as hands on workshop training.
    • Performance Arm® Cortex®-M4 at 170 MHz, 213 DMIPS and 550 CoreMark® power consumption (163µA/MHz) ART Accelerator™ mathematical accelerators CCM-SRAM routine booster
    • Integrated analog and digital op-amps, DACs, comparators, 12-bit ADCs 4 Msps CAN-FD (8 Mbps) hi-resolution timer (184 ps), USB type-C PD 3.0 1% RC accuracy [-5°..90 °C]
    • Safety and security focus dual bank Flash with ECC securable memory area AES-256, SIL, Class-B SRAM with parity bit

Data Center Power Delivery

  • A Complete Solution from AC to Point of Load - Complete power distribution for server from AC input to DC POL maximizing overall efficiency and power density. The ac-dc stage delivers 500W at 48V, followed by ST proprietary architecture (Stacked Buck) to convert 48V to regulated 12V, and a multiphase digital architecture to power digital ASIC.
    • ST innovative PFC+LLC architecture achieves a peak efficiency of 96.8% @ 230 VAC input
    • Second stage regulated stacked buck delivers up to 3.2kW with peak efficiency of 98.5% @ 54V input
    • 12V digital multiphase converter using proprietary STVCOT control delivers 96.1% efficiency @ 360W

SiC-based PFC systems

  • 15kW Bi-directional Vienna PFC - Digitally controlled PFC system enabling bi-directional power transfer for EV and energy storage applications
    • Bridgeless PFC topology with >98% efficiency due to 2nd gen SiC MOSFETs and smart digital control
    • Turn-key system solution based on STM32, isolated drivers, and the latest in STPower technology
  • 6kW Totem-Pole PFC + Inrush Current Limiter - Bridgeless PFC system for single phase ac inputs with digitally controlled SCR bridge for inrush current limiting
    • Innovative SCR based control of input stage for inrush current limiting
    • 5% efficiency enabled by 650V 2nd generation SiC MOSFETs

Intelligent Lighting Solutions

  • Offline High Voltage Mesh Networked LED Lighting Solution - HVLED001B and HVLED002 provide efficient primary and secondary power conversion in the STEVAL-LLL008V1 evaluation board.
    • Power factor correction provides excellent distortion performance (<15%)
    • Deep dimming capability down to 1%
    • ST power conversion and lighting solutions enable high efficiency smart lighting solutions
  • Power over Ethernet LED Lighting Solution up to 99W - Intelligent lighting solution for up to 99W compliant with 802.3bt with compact design
    • PM8805 is the smallest 802.11bt PoE interface solution in the industry
    • Data and power on single low voltage cable
    • Additional connectivity provided SPBTLE-1S Bluetooth Module

Electric Traction Solutions

  • SiC-Based High Voltage 3-phase inverter - Compact high power motor drive and control system for 400V and 800V Electric Vehicle busses
    • Utilizes compact ACEPACK DRIVE module and isolated automotive gate drivers for 360kW peak power
    • Both 1200V rated power module for 800V bus sytems, or 750V rated modules for 400V bus systems
  • ACEPACK Drive - High power module housing SiC MOSFETs for EV traction inverters
    • At 30% smaller size than the HybridPACK module, ACEPACK Drive enables >10kW inverter drives
    • 1200V/3.5mΩ and 750V/2.0mΩ 2nd generation SiC MOSFETs based inverters

Modular Offline Power Conversion

  • 21kW Offline Power Converter with Inrush Current Limiter - 3x7 kW Module power converter ideal for 3-phase input on-board charging of electric vehicles or industrial power supplies
    • Bridgeless PFC and resonant dc-dc utilize latest in SiC and MDMesh super-junction MOSFET technology
    • Innovative SCR based control of input stage for in-rush current limiting
  • Power Packages Display: HV, SLLIIMM, ACEPACK SMIT, IGBT, 1200V - ST's latest power packaging offerings for high voltage applications