Solland Solar Announces Dramatic Expansion of Solar Cell Production

June 20, 2007 by Jeff Shepard

Solland Solar announced that it is planning its second expansion within one year. The shareholders of the solar cell producer have agreed to increase production capacity almost threefold. From mid-2008, Solland Solar claims that it will be able to produce solar power with a total capacity of 170 MWp per year, instead of the current 60 MWp/a.

With a view to the expansion, Solland Solar is constructing an extra production hall on the German part of the Avantis industrial park, located midway between Heerlen and Aachen, where the company is based. According to the current plans, the new production capacity will be put into full service in the spring of 2008. Space has already been reserved on the current location for another two production halls in anticipation of further expansion.