SOLARWATT Starts New Production Line Doubling Capacity

September 30, 2010 by Jeff Shepard

SOLARWATT AG launched its new solar module production line and a new logistics center. The new, highly automated SOLARWATT assembly line, which covers an area of 3,800 square meters, utilizes 29 industrial robots that handle the solar modules. The site also features what the company says is the world’s largest laminator. The production line, which at first starts in three-shift operation, will produce a new solar module every 28 seconds.

"By establishing the world’s most modern module manufacturing facility and beginning production today SOLARWATT is meeting the challenges of coming years," said Frank Schneider, CEO of SOLARWATT. The company is increasing its capacity from 200 MWp up to 400 MWp and has invested an additional €35 Million into Saxony’s capital city, creating 140 new jobs.

In addition, the solar module manufacturer launched its newly constructed logistics center covering 13,000 square meters of space. The newly constructed two-story building provides storage space for over 2,600 palettes where future solar modules will eventually await shipment. The building also features five docking stations, a side-load ramp and three elevators.

Two solar units are installed on the logistics center’s roof and facade. 1,350 solar modules with an entire capacity of 260 kWp provide power that is being fed into the public energy grid. Part of the solar units will be used for testing by SOLARWATT’s research department.