Sol Chip and Canova intro High-Performance Demo Kit of Solar Energy Harvesting

June 05, 2013 by Jeff Shepard

Canova Tech srl and Sol Chip Ltd. announced that the first combined energy harvesting kit is ready for display at the Sensors Expo event. Canova Tech ETA IC-KIT is claimed to be the first industrial semiconductor IP solution for energy harvesting applications. It is a combination of complex blocks implementing most of the functions normally requested in a harvesting device or battery operated ultra-low power node. The available functions range from harvesting interface to most of the most common of energy source (solar, thermal, vibration) with MPPT feature, power management, battery charge and voltage monitoring, signal conditioning and analog-to-digital conversion. The ETA IC-Kit enables customers to build their own silicon device combining the silicon prove blocks available in the ETA IC-KIT with lowest risk, fast time-to-market and ROI time.

The Sol Chip Everlasting Solar Battery harvests light energy to power billions of individual appliances. Through its innovative IP, Sol Chip’s technology integrates all the components required — in a single battery unit — to harvest and supply sustainable solar/light energy to low-power applications. Sol Chip’s technology utilizes low-cost manufacturing flow, thereby increasing overall efficiency and decreasing design complexity, while reducing cost.

“The combination of advanced wireless networks with the autonomy offered by our harvesting technology is bound to open a new range of ground-breaking applications,” said Rami Friedlander, Founder & VP Business Development and Applications. “We truly value the cooperation with Canova Tech, who had integrated our Solar Energy Harvesting chip into their ETA IC-kit in an unbelievable short time. It shows how fast and easy can our products be put to work. Once using Sol Chip Everlasting Solar Battery, the application can continuously work without the need for neither maintenance nor accessibility”