Snow Leopard Announces Validated Results

September 20, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Snow Leopard Resources Inc. (Alberta, Canada) announced that Eltron Research Inc. (Boulder, CO) has substantially validated results obtained using the original hydrogen-sulphide (H2S) fuel cell developed at CANMET and at the University of Alberta.

Eltron Research, contracted by the company to carry out the research and development of the H2S fuel cell, has almost completed the first phase of their contract with Snow Leopard. Eltron will continue working on the H2S fuel cell with an objective to optimize the results to date by improving the electrical and catalytic components of the cell.

The company intends to aggressively pursue potential joint-venture partners to participate in the further development of its patented H2S fuel cell, which has the unique feature of utilizing low-cost hydrogen from H2S gas streams to produce electricity in an environmentally friendly manner.