SMA Solar Technology AG Acquires Micro Inverter Technology

October 19, 2009 by Jeff Shepard

SMA Solar Technology AG announced the acquisition of the module inverters (micro-inverters) technology platform from the Dutch company OKE-Services. Both parties have agreed to keep the exact purchase price confidential. Unlike the photovoltaic inverter with string technology, which converts the dc of numerous interconnected photovoltaic modules into ac, a micro inverter converts the dc to ac separately at each individual photovoltaic module.

Micro inverters are particularly well-suited for the use in small photovoltaic systems of 1 kWp or under. In some larger photovoltaic systems which use string inverters, shading of individual modules and the subsequently lower energy harvest of the entire system can be avoided by equipping and operating those modules with individual module inverters.

With the acquisition and further development of the OKE technology, SMA plans to launch its own range of module inverters in the coming years. This makes SMA the only manufacturer in the world with a product portfolio which includes all existing inverter technologies for operating photovoltaic systems of any size and with optimal technical system configuration. SMA customers will continue to profit from highest quality standards, a global sales and service network and short delivery times.

OKE is one of the pioneers of micro inverter technology and has more than 15 years’ experience in the development and series production of micro inverters. Based on this experience, OKE has continuously strived to optimize efficiency and specific price, both of which are particularly important parameters for the success of micro inverters. To this end, the company has systematically reduced the number of components used in their products.