Signal Technology’s Keltec Division Awarded State-of-the-Art Development Contract

June 10, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Signal Technology Corp. (Danvers, MA) announced that its Keltec Division in Fort Walton Beach, FL, has been awarded a $412,000 contract to develop engineering development models and pre-production units of very high-density, low-voltage power supplies. Isothermal Research Systems (ISR, Clarkston, WA) has selected Signal's Keltec Division to design and develop high-reliability power supplies utilizing cooling technologies developed by Isothermal Research Systems for the next-generation Spray-Cooled EA-6B Aft Power Supply.

“ISR is excited to team with a proven power supply leader like Keltec in bringing this revolutionary technology into military production,” said Donald Tilton, president of ISR. “As the Department of Defense continues to adopt more commercial technology, the market for high reliability, low-voltage power supplies will dramatically expand as the existing power supplies and distribution architectures near their end-of-life,” said John Cotumaccio, president of Keltec.