SFC Intros New Generation Fuel Cell Systems

November 17, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

SFC Smart Fuel Cell AG (SFC, Munich, Germany) introduced the next generation of its Mobile Power System, a compact, external, fuel cell power supply with long runtime for laptops and other electronic devices. The new prototype is only half the size of the one presented six months ago, but it contains the same amount of energy - liquid methanol stored in an

exchangeable cartridge.

With just one cartridge a laptop can be operated for a complete working day. A display informs the user precisely about the

remaining runtime (fuel gauging). The cartridge can be exchanged easily within seconds, even during operation (hot-swap capability). Due to the high storage density, the system is suitable for users that require high processor speeds or additional features such as wireless LAN and long runtimes.

Manfred Stefener, founder and CEO of SFC, stated, "So far we have miniaturized our products every six months by more than 50 percent. The recent progress demonstrated now is based upon an entirely new direct-methanol fuel cell stack design. Furthermore, we have made every system component smaller in close collaboration with our supplier network."

SFC will market this product from the second quarter of 2003 to strategic