Seoul Semi Launches New Semiconductor Lighting Source for AC Outlets

November 21, 2006 by Jeff Shepard

Seoul Semiconductor Inc. announced that it had succeeded in mass producing its semiconductor lighting source Acriche, which can be directly connected to 110 or 220Vac outlets using a simple circuit, eliminating the need for a dc converter. As conventional LED products can only work with dc power, it was previously impossible for consumers to use LED products with ac outlets without using a converter.

"This latest technological breakthrough was not expected by the industry," said Lee Jung-Hoon, CEO of Seoul Semiconductor. As mass production of a semiconductor lighting source is now possible, LED applications are not limited to cell phones, computers or cars, but can include general lighting as well.

The company claims that Acriche is better than glow and halogen lamps in terms of power efficiency, and outpaces fluorescent lamps in terms of life span, power usage and convenience. Seoul Semiconductor is planning to improve brightness from current 40 lm/w to 80 lm/w by 4Q 2007 and to 120 lm/w by 4Q 2008. The company claims that Acriche lasts 30,000 hours, compared 1,000 hours for glow lamps, 3,000 hours for halogen lamps and 8,000 hours for fluorescent lamps. Electrical costs are also greatly reduced. Using Acriche will cost consumers 75% less than incandescent lamps, and 40% less than general fluorescent lamps.

The development of Acriche was made possible because Seoul Semiconductor successfully developed a packaging process for the semiconductor chip that worked with dc, which Seoul Optodevice Co., Ltd developed. Seoul Optodevice has the patent for this chip, which was developed and improved by the company, and the company also has more than 100 patents for this upgraded chip.

Seoul Semiconductor is planning to sell Acriche to its key customers first, and planning to expand its supply to general light companies early next year. Seoul Semiconductor has finished patent registration and application in several countries, and plans to occupy and expand this market.