Semitrex Rebranding as Helix Semiconductors

February 26, 2017 by Jeff Shepard

In a strategic move to support its growth trajectory and advance the commercialization of its technology, fabless power semiconductor company Semitrex announced today that it has changed its name to Helix Semiconductors. Having recently introduced a new management team, this new corporate identity is another step toward more closely aligning the company with its objective of efficiently powering the future - a future with zero wasted power.

"As a fabless chip company, we are in the business of providing enabling technology," noted Harold A. Blomquist, president and CEO of Helix Semiconductors. "We're known for our commitment to smart power conversion and addressing the global need for more efficient power supplies, and this rebranding brings that front and center. The road to 'zero power' will be paved by changing the way that power conversions are made, and that road is being built by Helix Semiconductors."

The name Helix Semiconductors represents the very core of the company, its corporate DNA, which is built around fundamentally changing the way power conversions are made. Blomquist explains further: "In the human body, DNA strands are cascading sequences (double helixes) of a wide variety of characteristics -- selections or programming codes that uniquely define who and what people are. This genetic makeup is reminiscent of our patent-pending MuxCapacitor technology, which consists of a cascading ladder of capacitors that can be tapped at different points and with different gain settings to achieve best-in-class conversion efficiency."

Helix Semiconductors' technology can convert mains power worldwide to virtually any lower voltage with over 95 percent efficiency -- especially at low-load conditions. The company's MuxCapacitor® voltage reduction technology makes possible best-in-class energy conversion efficiencies while the system is in power down (standby and vampire power) and lightly loaded operation.