See Developments in SiC, GaN and More at Power Integrations Virtual Booth - APEC 2020

March 17, 2020 by Paul Shepard

While APEC 2020 and other industry conferences around the world have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Power Integrations remains committed to showcasing the latest innovations in power electronics.

At the Power Integrations virtual booth, you can find details of PI's technical presentations and product demos originally planned for APEC 2020. Highlights include PowiGaN™ gallium nitride technology, BridgeSwitch™ BLDC motor drivers, SCALE-iDriver™ SiC gate driver solutions for automotive and 900V switcher ICs for regions with unstable mains voltage.

Key topics covered include:

  • Automotive Gate Driver for SiC MOSFET
  • Ultra-Wide Input Range
  • BLDC Motor Driver
  • USB PD & Fast Charging with PowiGaN

Watch the introductory video below by PI's VP of Marketing Doug Bailey to get started.

You can also view the Virtual Technical Sessions including videos with Power Integrations CEO Balu Balakrishnan and the company's team of technical experts as they breakdown presentations they prepared for APEC. The six video Virtual Technical Sessions include:

  • CEO Balu Balakrishnan - talks about how breakthrough innovations with PowiGaN tehcnology can satisfy market demand for more efficient, more robust and more compact power supplies while effectively managing cost.
  • CEO Balu Balakrishnan - explains how PI is leading the way in the evolution from IGBT to silicon carbide in the automotive market with SiC SCALE-iDriver gate driver ICs for automotive use.
  • Director of Training Andy Smith - introduces AEC-Q100 certified SiC SCALE-iDriver gate driver ICs for automotive use.
  • Product Marketing Engineer Aditya Kulkarni - breaks down how PowiGaN-based InnoSwitch3 offline flyback switcher ICs enable designs of smaller, lighter and more efficient USB PD adapters.
  • Director of Product Marketing Chris Lee - details how 900 V switcher ICs offer valuable safety margin in regions with unstable mains voltage.
  • Senior Product Marketing Manager Cristian IonescuCatrina - shares insights on high-voltage BridgeSwitch motor driver ICs suitable for single- and multi-phase inverter designs.

Finally, you can download numerous design example reports from the booth.