Sealed Air Corp. Deploys Blue Spark Thin Printed Batteries To Power New RFID Time & Temperature Data Logging Sensors

September 09, 2008 by Jeff Shepard

Blue Spark Technologies announced that Sealed Air Corp. selected Blue Spark thin, flexible batteries as a core component of its TurboTag™ RFID-enabled time and temperature monitoring and data logging solution.

According to Bill Roberts, a research fellow in Sealed Air’s Technology and Innovation group, the TurboTag "active packaging" sensor solution represents a breakthrough in time and temperature monitoring technology due to its ability to track and record temperatures in real time, from the processing plant, in transit and up to the point of delivery. This enables suppliers of consumables and temperature-sensitive products – such as meat and dairy products, fresh produce, frozen and refrigerated foods, pharmaceuticals, biologicals and other chemical substances – to minimize waste by ensuring proper cold chain quality control and compliance.

"Our TurboTag battery-assisted RFID smart card’s real-time temperature sensing and data capture capabilities offer a huge improvement over existing time and temperature monitoring technology," explained Roberts. "To power our system’s autonomous data logging capabilities, we selected Blue Spark Technologies’ 1.5-volt printed batteries. Theirs was the only eco-friendly battery that fully met Sealed Air’s specified operating temperature range, and was thin, flexible and affordable enough to be embedded with the RFID chip into our compact credit card size form factor."

Matt Ream, Blue Spark Technologies’ Vice President of Marketing, noted, "We are excited to be working with Sealed Air, a global leader of innovative performance-based materials. Their TurboTag battery powered RFID smart card application is a perfect example of how Blue Spark works with customers to provide a safe, reliable ’green’ power boost advantage to their new product concepts. Typically, selecting thin, printed batteries enables them to reduce material costs, simplify production and bring products to market faster."

Blue Spark Technologies’ customizable carbon-zinc batteries are said to offer a significantly thinner profile than standard button or coin batteries. Diverse applications include: battery-assisted transdermal patches for drug delivery, wound care and some cosmetic applications; interactive ’smart cards’, one-time password, ID badges, tickets, consumer loyalty cards and gift cards; battery-assisted RF-enabled devices and tags designed to track products, speed transactions and provide instant authentication; RF-linked sensors (e.g., to measure time, temperature, humidity, shock, etc.); active RFID and real-time locating systems (RTLS); and novelty items such as musical greeting cards, interactive packaging and functional merchandising displays