Scottish Fuel Cell Consortium Unveils Hybrid Vehicle

July 02, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

The Scottish Fuel Cell Consortium (SFCC, Scotland) unveiled the country’s first fuel cell hybrid, battery-powered electric car at the All Energy Opportunities Conference, in Aberdeen. The vehicle is an experimental prototype using state-of-the-art, electric-drive technology housed in the rear of the vehicle. A fuel cell mounted under the bonnet, and supplied with hydrogen fuel, provides the vehicle with a range extension superior to a pure battery-powered electric car.

Industrial partners during the first phase of the project included Products of Technology Ltd., ASCO plc, Grampian Primary Care NHS Trust, PowerGen Renewables Ltd., Zetek Power plc, and David Hedges Associates. Phase two of the project will convert an 18-seat, battery-powered, passenger bus to fuel cell operation. The third phase of the project will seek commercial spin-out to companies and organizations interested in future use and business opportunities.