Schaffner Offers EMC Components Shortform Catalog

December 14, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

Schaffner EMC Inc. (Edison, NJ) has released its new EMC Components Shortform Catalog that details its line of feed-through capacitors and filters; PCB, IEC-inlet, single-phase and three-phase filters; output components; RFI suppression chokes and pulse transformers.

In addition to an easy-to-use product selection chart, the new catalog provides an overview chart of general applications for each type of component, as well as a handy chart outlining specific applications for each individual product to ensure designers select the proper component for specific projects.

Performance data, such as capacitance and attenuation performance, as well as voltage and current rating information is provided in the new 14-page shortform. A reference list of the company’s global sales and distribution network is also included in the new EMC components shortform.

To download a copy of the new shortform brochure, visit