Schaffner Appoints VP of Sales for Newly Formed Electronics Group; Reorganizes Power Quality Products Division

May 14, 2009 by Jeff Shepard

Schaffner EMC Inc. announced that Ken Bellero has been named Vice President of Sales for the newly formed Electronics Group, responsible for all of the Americas. He will supervise several aspects of the new group activities including those performed by the application engineers, the distribution sales manager and the customer service group. All the electronic representatives and distribution will also be under Bellero’s management.

Bellero is a 10-year veteran of Schaffner, having previously served as regional manager and manager of customer service. Prior to joining Schaffner, Bellero was with Newark Electronics as well as Alpha Wire and Cable.

Schaffner EMC Inc. has formed the Power Quality (PQ) Group to address what is described as the growing industrial market for high current and three phase filters as well as the newly introduced passive and active harmonic filters, which are said to be experiencing rapidly-growing demand.

Gillis Mellen,Ppresident of Schaffner EMC, will oversee the PQ Group, which is aimed at establishing new channels to market to address the automation and controls industry. Mellen will also retain his full responsibilities for Schaffner EMC.