SANYO Releases ‘Contactless Charger Set For Wii Remote Control’ Under Nintendo License

July 27, 2008 by Jeff Shepard

SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. (SANYO) announced what it describes as an easy-to-use ‘Contactless Charger Set for the Wii Remote Control’, produced especially for Nintendo Co., Ltd. (Nintendo)’s Wii remote control.

The Wii remote uses two AA batteries and it is well known to take up many batteries. This new set offers users the convenience of simple charging by placing the Wii remote control into the specialized stand, the only battery and charger made under license from Nintendo, and the capability to sequentially charge 4 controllers from a single ac adapter. The charger also offers a ’charge failure detection function, ensuring safe recharging. Easy enough for even the youngest or oldest of Wii players, the Wii remote control can be recharged by simply placed in the stand without removing the batteries, the Wii remote jacket, or the back cover.

SANYO’s battery pack and charger, the ’Contactless Charger Set for the Wii Remote Control’, will be on sale in Japan starting from August 25, 2008.