Delta Products PV Inverters Gain Rapid Shutdown Certification

January 30, 2019 by Scott McMahan

Tigo Energy, Inc., announced the new Underwriter Laboratories (UL) certification of its TS4 Platform Rapid Shutdown Systems (RSS) with Delta Group. The Delta inverters listed below were successfully certified with Tigo's RSS solutions: TS4-F (Fire Safety), TS4-O (Optimization), and TS4-L (Long String). Tigo is currently shipping with Delta and more tier one certified inverter manufacturing partners throughout the U.S.

This UL certification is part of Tigo's multivendor effort to provide customers the advantages of reliable, safe, and cost-effective solutions. Tigo says the use of its smart modules and high-efficiency inverters allows design flexibility for installers to comply with National Electric Code (NEC) 2017 690.12 RSS regulations. Tigo reports that it was also internationally recognized as the only module-level power electronic vendor with UL-certified RSS with PV module manufacturers.

The following Delta inverters are newly UL-listed as a Rapid Shutdown System with Tigo's TS4 units:

Delta offers grid-tied, three-phase, transformerless inverters for industrial and utility-scale installations. The Delta inverters that received UL's TSF-F (Fire Safety) certification with Tigo's TS4 units include the M36U, M42U, M60U, and M80U (in image above). These inverters deliver 36kW, 42kW, 60kW, and 80kW respectively and feature 98.6% peak efficiency and 98.0% CEC efficiency. They have dual MPPT and feature a wide input range of 200Vdc to 1000Vdc.

Features of these three-phase delta inverters

  • Two-stage topology with wide input operation range, of 200 to 1000 Vdc
  • Dual MPP tracker inputs
  • Superior efficiency performance, 98.6% peak & 98.0% CEC
  • NEMA 4X outdoor rated enclosure
  • Operating temp. range of -25°C to +60°C
  • String monitoring

Tigo says that it is the only UL-certified multivendor RSS in the U.S. solar market also include additional features such as optimization (TS4-O) and long string designs (TS4-L). The Delta inverters that have these certifications include M4-TL-US, M5-TL-US, M6-TL-US, and M8-TL-US.

Delta single-phase inverters for 208V/240V Grid

The single-phase M Series inverters have UL certification and are HECO, CA Rule 21 compliant. Delta says that they provide impressive MPPT operating range for the market. Maximum power production is derived from an extremely wide input range of 50Vdc~550Vdc, low start-up voltage 30v, light weight of 43 lbs (19.5kg) for 10kW and up to 98.0% peak efficiency. Thanks to Delta's 3 MPP trackers design, the Delta M Series inverter can generate more power from solar and is more flexible for various scales of PV systems and applications. Also, a NEMA 4X rating offers excellent protection.

Features of Delta's M Series Inverters for 208V or 240 grid applications

  • Lightweight
  • Natural convection cooling system
  • High reliability
  • RS485 - ModBus SunSpec (optional)
  • Smart app integration
  • Bluetooth® & Wi-Fi® enabled, supporting cloud-based data collection, monitoring, software updates and control via a web portal
  • UL 1741, UL 1699B, UL 1741 SA, CA Rule 21 and HECO compliant
  • Remote over the air (OTA) firmware upgrade
  • Ten-year warranty
  • 98% maximum efficiency
  • Multiple MPPT trackers
  • No commissioning process required