ROHM Expands its Range of Power Devices to Offer Complete Power Solutions

May 21, 2018 by Paul Shepard

ROHM Semiconductor will showcase its latest power product designs at PCIM, the leading trade fair for Power Electronics, Intelligent Motion and Energy Management in Nuremberg, from June 05 - 07, 2018 (Hall 9, Booth 316). Energy savings and reduced system costs in all kinds of systems are heavily influenced by choosing the right power device.

With its new developments resulting from the group's extensive research and design initiatives, ROHM is able to offer customers not only a full line-up of efficient, compact products for their applications, but also a complete solution for the power channel. ROHM will show power semiconductor solutions with 5 categories as ‘SiC', ‘Power IC', ‘Automotive', 'Industrial' and ‘Motor Drive',

SiC MOSFET Gate Driver - The new series of Isolated Gate Driver ICs for power MOSFETs will expand the existing portfolio, offers new solutions to increase the flexibility and improves the design of industrial and automotive power systems. The first product of this series is a 3,75KV isolation, AEC-Q100 gate driver device specifically designed to drive a SiC power MOSFET.

It has an output current of 4A, a built-in active miller clamping to prevent parasitic turn on effects and integrates an under-voltage lock-out (UVLO) optimized to drive ROHM's SiC MOSFET. The optimized UVLO improves the reliability of the system - a very sensitive topic in Automotive and Industrial applications. Moreover the integration of this function minimizes the external BOM, reducing the PCB layout space and design effort.

1200V 400A/600A Full SiC Power Modules - The new 1200V 400A and 600A full SiC power modules incorporate latest SiC MOSFETs and SiC SBDs with a new low inductance structure. The provided function of good flatness baseplate allows reducing the thermal resistance value between module-case and heatsink which enables a smaller size of the cooling system.

Latest SiC-SBDs with 650V rating - Superior reverse recovery of SiC SBDs is effective to apply high switching speed application like as CCM-PFC as already known. The new SiC SBDs also has low forward voltage characteristics, especially improved in high temperature range. This is effective to reduce also conduction loss in application. Latest portfolio is expanded standard and full molded TO-220-2pin and TO-263.

New IGBT Line-up - Based on thinner wafer, field stop and a sophisticated proprietary Trench Gate structure technologies, ROHM's new 650V IGBTs are overcoming the trade-off between saturation voltage and turn-off loss characteristics. On top of this, measurement results show low noise performance while keeping higher switching speed.

The new generation includes two variants: The RGTV series with advanced short circuit safety, as well as the RGW series for converters with a low gate charge, capacitance and extremely low switching loss. Both are integrated with a very fast and soft recovery FRD, providing optimum efficiency to applications.

Automotive IGBT - ROHM's RGS series is automotive graded switching IGBT with high robustness against short circuit failure. RGS series acquires two types of collector-emitter Voltage - 650V guaranteed 8us short circuit withstand and 1200V with 10us short circuit withstand time. They can be selected according to battery size of electric vehicles. RGS series is suitable to automotive e-compressor and PTC heater application.

Power Management ICs - Based on long term experience with Discrete Power Devices, ROHM Semiconductor offers a broad lineup of Power Management ICs for Automotive, Industrial and Consumer market. This includes isolated dc-dc regulators like the BD7Fxx or BD7Jxx series as well as optimized ac-dc converters which allow to build-up high efficient power supplies based on SiC technology. In addition ROHM continues to stretch the limits of what is possible with new concepts like a Quick Buck Boost Converter or ROHMs Nano-Pulse technology.