ReDOX Technology Begins Development of Its High-Energy Density Battery

May 21, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

ReDOX Technology Corp. (Houston, TX) is pleased to announce that the development of their proprietary high-energy density battery has begun. The project will involve a series of five prototypes that will be produced over the next 13 months.

ReDOX President and CEO Richard Szymanski explained the potential magnitude of a successful end product. "An independent research lab studied our initial research and, based on our design, said that the theoretical energy density for our battery is 648Wh/kg. Energy density in standard lead-acid batteries, based on size are 170Wh/kg, 336Wh/kg or 447Wh/kg. The significance of the composition of the ReDOX battery is its potential capacity to serve a stronger and longer life in a much smaller size. We believe that our battery can be applied to PC's, cellular phones, hand-held devices, cars, or any product that requires a battery."

ReDOX believes the testing and prototype development will substantiate that the ReDOX battery can last more than twice as long as a conventional alkaline battery, has greater energy density than lithium-ion batteries, is less expensive to build, more powerful, environmentally friendly, and is recyclable.