Protonex To Preview First Fuel Cell Hybrid Power System For Recreational Vehicles

November 23, 2008 by Jeff Shepard

Protonex Technology Corp. announced that it will preview its new 250W fuel cell hybrid power system. According to the company, the M250-B system will be the first 250W fuel cell-based power system to be introduced into the consumer RV market.

The new M250-B system is designed to provide clean and quiet power for RV enthusiasts without the noise, odour, vibration, and carbon footprint associated with conventional generators. The power system is expected to offer RV owners freedom from noise, generator curfews and independence from RV shore power hook-ups-advantages not previously available to RV owners.

The M250-B power system leverages what is described as breakthrough advances in fuel cell and hybrid power technology developed by Protonex. The proprietary technology blends the advantages of a fuel cell power generator with conventional hybrid batteries, eliminating the many disadvantages associated with gasoline or diesel generators. To power the system, the M250-B will run on what is described as safe, clean, biodegradable methanol fuel. The system is configured to seamlessly integrate with existing power components typically found in an RV, including deep cycle batteries, inverters, generators, chargers, solar panels, and alternators.

"The M250-B product we are previewing at this year’s RVIA represents an important milestone for Protonex as we gear up to expand into key commercial markets. The M250-B power system is a direct example of our ability to commercialize the latest Protonex technological advancements into innovative, high value hybrid power solutions," stated Scott Pearson, CEO of Protonex.

Initial availability of the Protonex M250-B system is expected to be in the first half of calendar 2009.