Primarion Awarded Power Architecture Patent

August 06, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

Primarion Inc. (Tempe, AZ) announced the award of US Patent 6,429,630, "An Apparatus for Providing Regulated Power to an Integrated Circuit," for its digitally precise, power architecture. The technology, developed by Primarion CTO Bill Pohlman and Primarion Vice President Mike Eisele, is designed to keep systems on Moore's Law, overcoming a chief barrier to future system performance: power stymied by increased noise and transient events.

The new patent extends protection for the company's power technology, ensures that future systems can keep up with the exponentially growing demands of advanced processor-based systems, and discloses a tiered power regulator system for supplying power to micro-electronic devices. The system includes an array of regulators, with each providing a portion of power required to operate advanced computing devices. The architecture has a GHz speed transient regulator that delivers power to the processor and a MHz speed digital multiphase solution that delivers core power and voltage regulation. The breakthrough technology is working in systems now and soon is expected to be in high-volume production.