PowerPulse Powers up New Infrastructure

April 30, 2014 by Jeff Shepard

Darnell Group's has been moved to a new higher-capacity server system to support your needs for timely information across the global power electronics industry. As a result of growing editorial content (up 30% since last year) and a growing subscriber base (now nearly 40,000 daily subscribers to the email updates), web site traffic has surged. In anticipation of this surge, and to support planned future growth, is now hosted on new hardware and has increased broadband delivery capabilities.

“We have been working hard to increase our circulation, it has grown from about 20,000 daily subscribers a year ago, to 30,000 earlier this year and later this month, we’ll exceed 40,000,” stated Jeff Shepard, Publisher of PowerPulse. “In addition, we’ve increased our content with the addition of weekly features such as our PowerViews executive technology-opinion articles, our Friday Feature articles covering the latest developments in global power electronics research and development laboratories, and more. And we’ve added our exclusive PowerPulse Product Perspective section revealing the most-read new product stories from 5-, 10- and 15-years ago.

“PowerPulse has always been the most-read publication in the global power electronics industry. Now with more content and more subscribers come more reasons for advertising on PowerPulse. For example, we offer what’s been called ‘the Best Deal in online advertising’ in the power electronics community: Sponsored white papers run for 6 months, with tracking of downloads, for a total cost of $750. That’s only $750 per placement - not $750 per month for sponsored whitepapers,” Shepard continued.

PowerPulse readers represent a high-level of engineering and economic activity. For example, according to a recent survey of PowerPulse readers; 73% manage or influence purchasing, they visit the PowerPulse web site at least weekly, and 76% say they have visited an advertiser’s web site based on information obtained on the PowerPulse site. PowerPulse offers reach with substantial numbers of readers in Asia, Europe and North America.

“Our readers demonstrate the importance they place on power with their actions: They visit the site often and spend large amounts of time reading the latest news. It’s the dedication and loyalty of our readers that make PowerPulse ‘The Web’s Leading Power Electronics Publication.’ And your best choice for advertising,” Shepard concluded.