PowerLight to Use SunPower Solar Panels

December 15, 2005 by Jeff Shepard

SunPower Corp. has announced the largest product supply contract in its 20-year history. The supply agreement with PowerLight Corp. calls for the delivery of $330 million of solar panels from 2005 through 2009. SunPower's solar panels will be incorporated into PowerLight's solar power systems for commercial, government and new home residential customers worldwide.

"This agreement marks another milestone in SunPower's growth plan as we continue to build and diversify our global customer base," said SunPower CEO, Tom Werner. "PowerLight is a market leader with an increasingly global customer reach. We are thrilled to marry our high-efficiency solar panels with PowerLight's innovative solar system designs and product offerings."

The contract covers a variety of SunPower solar products used in PowerLight projects worldwide as well as in their home state of California. Under the agreement, PowerLight will design SunPower's A-300 solar cells into a custom-designed solar panel used in its SunTile™ roof-integrated system for new home construction.

Using SunPower's rearcontact cells, which provide a uniform black appearance, PowerLight's SunTiles will interlock with roof tiles and shingles to provide an aesthetic, architecturally seamless look for sunlight-to-power solar technology. The contract was signed at the end of the third quarter of 2005. Volume deliveries under the contract begin in 2006 and ramp up with SunPower's planned capacity expansion.

"SunPower's high-efficiency solar technology improves the financial and performance equation of our products and systems," noted PowerLight's President, Dan Shugar. "We're focused on delivering maximum value to our customers, and SunPower's technology fits perfectly with our application platforms."