PowerLight Announces Installation of New Solar-Electric Array for the US Coast Guard

March 29, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

PowerLight Corp. (Berkeley, CA) announced that it recently completed installation of a roof-mounted solar-electric array for a US Coast Guard facility housed in the John F. Williams Building in downtown Boston. The General Services Administration (GSA) bought the array for the US Coast Guard from Enron Energy Services Operations Inc. Totaling 37kW and made up of 372 photovoltaic roof tiles manufactured by PowerLight, the system provides enough electricity to power the upper two floors of the nine-floor building during daylight hours.

The PowerLight array uses state-of-the-art PowerGuard roof tiles, which incorporate a high-efficiency polycrystalline photovoltaic panel manufactured by ASE Capital Americas.

Roman Piaskoski of the GSA said, "We are glad to be part of what we feel is another step forward for the solar industry. Not only is this is the largest building-integrated photovoltaic installation in New England but it proves that commercial photovoltaics can work in challenging urban settings."