Powercor Australia Upgrades Distribution Network

November 01, 2004 by Jeff Shepard

Electricity distributor Powercor Australia (Saanichton, BC, Canada) has expanded its enterprise energy management (EEM) capabilities to help optimize power quality and reliability at key points throughout its Melbourne-based distribution network. The EEM system, from Power Measurement Ltd. (Victoria, BC, Canada), uses a network of intelligent energy meters and web-enabled software to analyze power-quality conditions at each monitored substation.

To help pinpoint potentially damaging conditions such as excessive harmonic frequencies, sags and swells, transients, and phase unbalance, Powercor equipped each key node in its network with either an ION 7600 or ION 7700 energy meter. At its head office, the company installed a computer workstation equipped with ION Enterprise™ energy management software to automatically monitor each meter, analyze the data, and notify personnel of any threats to power quality or reliability.