Power-One Reports Timely Z-One IBA Production Release

October 03, 2004 by Jeff Shepard

Power-One Inc. (Camarillo, CA) announced that it has met the original scheduled production-release date for its Z-One Digital Intermediate Bus Architecture (IBA), which it claims is the only integrated power management and conversion solution currently available, and provides up to a 90% reduction in components, circuit-board traces and development time.

Power-One Chairman and CEO Steve Goldman commented, "This production release marks the beginning of the second stage in a development program that we believe has given us a two-year competitive advantage. The first stage involved 'stealth-mode' research and development, exhaustive qualification testing, and beta testing with selected top customers. In addition to production release, our second stage includes milestones such as broad-based promotion and establishing licensing programs with multiple sources to accelerate market acceptance of this open architecture."

The production release followed successful completion of final qualification testing for the 16-node ZM7116 Digital Power Manager and the ZY7115 Z-point-of-load converter, which utilizes Power-One’s digital pulse-width modulation controller IC. In addition to ZY7115 and ZM7116 samples, an evaluation kit that enables full-system modeling and programming is also available. Other Z-Series products scheduled for release before the end of the year include 8-node and 32-node Digital Power Managers and Z-POL™ converters with different current ratings.