Power-One Announces Digital Power Management Patent License With ZMDI

June 13, 2011 by Jeff Shepard

Power-One, Inc. and Zentrum Mikroelektronik Dresden AG (ZMDI) announced today that they entered into a non-exclusive, worldwide, Field of Use agreement for Digital Power Technology (DPT) patents from Power-One.

Digital Power Technology drives increased system efficiency, improved design flexibility, faster time to market, decreased footprint size and lower system costs. DPT also enables telemetry capability, providing access to critical information including current, temperature and voltage. Telemetry allows the system to accurately monitor its power consumption and thermal performance, enabling designers to easily engineer key features such as system optimization, fault detection and predictive maintenance features into their end products.

As applications in server, storage, networking and wireless infrastructure continue to drive board densities higher, requiring complex power architectures to drive FPGAs, ASICS, DSPs and other semiconductor devices, Digital Power Technology is an extremely attractive solution.

"Power-One is pleased to license its Digital Power Technology to ZMDI, an emerging market leader in the power-management IC industry, for incorporation into its products," said Steve Hogge, President of Power Solutions at Power-One. "With the expanding number of leading power supply and semiconductor companies partnering with Power-One, we will continue to expand the market by providing energy-efficient technologies with increased functionality for our customers."

"Leveraging the DPT patents meshes with our goal of delivering energy-efficient solutions for point-of-load applications," stated Bernhard Huber, ZMDI Business-Line Manager for Standard Components. "We can focus on developing chipsets that address all output loading conditions based on ZMDI’s performance goals."