Power Integrations Says Fairchild Lawsuit Is Without Merit

October 15, 2008 by Jeff Shepard

Power Integrations responded to the lawsuit filed against it by Fairchild Semiconductor and its System General (SG) subsidiary. This action follows a suit filed earlier this year by Power Integrations alleging continuing infringement of its patents by Fairchild and SG. Both Fairchild and System General had previously been found, in U.S. District Court and at the International Trade Commission respectively, to infringe numerous Power Integrations patents.

"Fairchild and System General have demonstrated a willingness to repeatedly violate our patents, as we have proven in court on multiple occasions," said Balu Balakrishnan, President and CEO of Power Integrations. "We are disappointed that their response is not only to continue infringing, but also to pursue baseless litigation against us. We believe their suit is completely without merit."

As a result of earlier litigation, a Delaware jury has awarded Power Integrations approximately $34 million in damages, and the company has requested enhancement of that award based on the jury’s finding of willful infringement. Meanwhile, infringing System General products have been banned from the U.S. market by virtue of an ITC exclusion order.