Power Electronics Innovator OnChip Power Renamed FINsix Aims to Redefine LED Powering

November 05, 2012 by Jeff Shepard

Formerly OnChip Power Corporation, FINsix Corporation unveiled a new corporate identity, including a new company name, logo, and website. Since its founding in 2010, the company has leveraged its Very High Frequency (VHF) power conversion technology and strong IP base to develop the world's smallest power conversion products. The new corporate identity better reflects the company's strategy to create highly miniaturized power supplies. FIN is an acronym for "Frequency Innovation" and six, or VI in Roman numerals, is the electrical formula for Power.

"The new FINsix identity is a reflection of our unique ability to create power conversion products that have switching frequencies between 30MHz and 300MHz, two to three orders of magnitude faster than traditional power conversion technologies," said Vanessa Green, president and CEO, FINsix. "This innovative technology enables us to deliver the world's smallest and most advanced power electronics systems."

FINsix is initially developing drivers for LED lighting, a high growth market that has not been well served with existing offerings. The company is currently forming partnerships with lighting manufacturers and will begin volume production of its LED drivers in 2013. While FINsix's initial product development focus is drivers for the solid-state lighting market, its technology is applicable to power supplies in a wide range of markets and applications.