PDI To Introduce BCMS Certified Partner Program

March 26, 2007 by Jeff Shepard

Power Distribution Inc. (PDI) announced that it will introduce the BCMS Certified Partner Program. This program is designed to allow data center managers to know that their building management system has been integrated and proven out with PDI’s patented Branch Circuit Monitoring System (BCMS). By doing this before the systems are installed at the site, the owners and consulting engineers can know that their system commissioning and integration will be successful during and after the construction phase of a data center project.

PDI claims that its patented BCMS system has become an industry standard for helping manage data center loads. As the density of the loads have increased with the development of new servers, PDI has quickly adapted this product line to keep up with this growing need. The Branch Circuit Monitoring System can monitor and report current and voltage measurements on each individual circuit branch breaker which can prevent overloading any of these circuits. The BCMS products can be added to new units and retrofitted into an existing data center with ease. According to the company, this certification program is the first of its kind in the industry to focus on the integration of power distribution products into the building management system.