Panasonic Launches Energy-as-Service Platform

February 21, 2016 by Jeff Shepard

Panasonic Eco Solutions will showcase Green Tower, its new energy infrastructure management solution for cellular, Wi-Fi and two-way land mobile communications sites, at Mobile World Congress February 22-25 in Barcelona, Spain. Integrating lithium-ion energy storage, solar energy generation, satellite communications, and real-time monitoring and control, Green Tower represents a paradigm shift from traditional static power systems to remotely-managed intelligent infrastructure.

Green Tower leverages remote and site-installed hardware and software to communicate with and intelligently operate on-site assets (battery, generator, HVAC, etc.) from one, centralized Network Operations Center. This comprehensive Energy-as-a-Service solution: Eliminates energy supply downtime with advanced energy management and network redundancy to keep first responder critical communications infrastructure up and running when it is needed most; Allows cell sites, 80-85 percent of which rely on the grid, with energy infrastructure beyond grid power availability through lithium-ion battery energy storage, solar PV energy generation and optional satellite connectivity;

Intelligently manages site services and assets, extending their useful life and enabling customers to lower operating costs, 10-15 percent of which are associated with energy infrastructure and services; Provides configurable size and weight advantages for deployment at restricted sites, including rooftops; Improves a tower's environmental footprint through the use of clean, renewable energy in lieu of diesel generators and toxic lead acid batteries; and Manages capital through performance enhancements that more than pay for operating expenditures.

Built for a variety of applications, the technology platform on which Green Tower is based is deployed at critical safety sites in Northern Europe, weak grid sites in Southeast Asia and grid connected sites in North America and Europe. The robust nature of Green Tower's architecture is opening doors for network operators, expanding deployment possibilities while providing enhanced support to traditional sites.

Most recently, Green Tower is demonstrating its value through Panasonic's relationship with Agile Networks, a premier provider of data transport services through a hybrid fiber/wireless network which supports countless applications including the State of Ohio Public Safety two-way radio communication system.

"We've been very impressed during the pilot of Green Tower at multiple tower sites," said Kyle Quillen, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Agile Networks. "Since implementing the Green Tower pilot in October of 2015, we have been able to better understand the health of a site which allows us to be more effective in our response to issues because of a more complete understanding gained through Green Tower. Our customers can trust that critical communications infrastructure is fully operative in the moments it's needed most. Agile is excited to continue to work with Panasonic and their Green Tower's Energy as a Service platform."

With Green Tower, Panasonic is solving challenges head-on in the ICT sector. "The Green Tower platform is designed to bolster the resiliency of legacy wireless network infrastructure and meet increasing demands for improved performance and anywhere, anytime wireless access," said Phil Herman, vice president, Panasonic Enterprise Solutions. Panasonic representatives will be available to demonstrate the Green Tower smart energy solution in Booth H631 for the duration of Mobile World Congress 2016.