ON Semi Selected as 1999 Semiconductor Supplier of the Year

February 16, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

ON Semiconductor LLC (Phoenix, AZ) recently announced it has been selected by Dii Group Inc. (Boulder, CO) as its 1999 Semiconductor Supplier of the Year. ON Semiconductor was selected from among 2,000 Dii-Dovatron suppliers on the basis of quality, competitiveness, delivery, flexibility, service and support, and demand-fulfillment capabilities.

"ON Semiconductor is solutions-oriented, and frequently 'goes the extra mile' to fulfill our needs," said Dermott O'Flanagan, president of Dii-Dovatron. "Its people understand the contract manufacturing channel, and have developed business models to support it. This support enhances our ability to provide our customers with flexible, competitive outsourcing solutions. We're delighted to present this award and acknowledge the close working partnership we have forged with ON Semiconductor."