NovArs Develops and Tests 3kW Fuel Cell System

August 02, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Manhattan Scientifics Inc. (New York, NY) announced that its NovArs (Germany) unit has developed and successfully tested a small, ultra-light 3kW fuel cell system. Due to its light weight and compact size, the proprietary fuel cell system is highly portable, making it suitable for use in small vehicles such as electric scooters and golf carts as well as emergency home generators and RVs.

The new hydrogen-fueled 3kW system is based on the basic design and concept of the previously announced NovArs fuel cell system currently being tested by Electrolux (Sweden), Aprilia SpA (Italy) and the US Army. The total system, including fans, valves, electronics, cables and tubes, weighs 13lbs. The unit with all peripherals, not including the hydrogen source, measures 13.4in x 9.7in x 6.2in. Versions of this configuration can be scaled down from 3,000W to 1,000W.

COO Jack Harrod commented, "The successful tests of this unit prove our ability to scale-up the patented NovArs design. We are currently in advanced discussions with several potential business partners, including large industrial manufacturers as well as customers to evaluate various business models for rolling out and commercializing this important new technology."