New Safety Guidelines Available From EPSMA

May 25, 2009 by Jeff Shepard

Power supply design engineers can now access new guidelines designed to help them in their continuous battle to keep up to date with regard to the latest safety standards and certifications. Three new guides have been recently published by the European Power Supply Manufacturers Association (EPSMA).

These guides cover safety approvals of DIN-rail power supplies, safety requirements for ac-dc power supplies used in hazardous locations, and safety approvals for ac-dc products used in railway applications.

The three guides provide an overview of the design issues, definitions and useable standards that are appropriate in each case. They are designed to provide engineers with a common understanding of which safety rules and certifications should be used, depending on the final application of the standard. Furthermore, they also give a general interpretation of how different standards requirements for power supplies are realised in practice.

Bernhard Erdl, Chairman of the EPSMA, commented: "Our Technical Committee has invested considerable time and resources in producing these guides which should be valuable to any companies active in power supply design. Over the next 6-12 months we intend to produce two additional guides covering power supplies in telecoms and medical applications."

EPSMA member companies receive these guidelines as part of their membership. Any other companies interested in obtaining them should contact the EPSMA.