New Company 1U Power Launches Website/Products

December 01, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

1U Power LLC (Wrentham, MA), a supplier of power conversion products, announced its new website, which features specific 1U high, 2U high and 3U high power supplies and power conversion solutions with power ranges from 100kW. The featured power conversion products offer high power density, high efficiency, a low profile, and are highly reliable and cost effective.

Product categories include, ac/dc power supplies, ATX and ATX 1+1 redundant/hot-swappable power supplies, compact PCI power supplies, dc/dc power supplies, front-end power supplies, hot-swap/hot-pluggable power supplies, inverters, medical power solutions, power distribution panels/systems, rectifier/telecom power supplies, rack system power/telecom power systems, and uninterruptible power supplies.

The new power conversion products are suitable for the OEM and telecom marketplace where a variety of bus structures and power architectures are required such as advanced TCA, compact PCI, intermediate bus architecture and Server System Initiative. In addition, a major portion of the products featured are intended for use in distributed power applications where various types of dc/dc converters are used such as isolated and non-isolated SIP/DIP; point-of-load; sixteenth-brick, eighth-brick, quarter-brick, half-brick, and full-brick; and VRMs. A wide array of monitoring, control and alarm feature sets, including RS232, RS485, I2C, IPMI, CAN, Modem, TCP/IP and SNMP are also available.

The new website is intended to provide on-line documentation of products so that informed decisions can be easily made regarding next-generation, power platform design. The website also features a large and comprehensive Technical Reference Section that includes applications, engineering and technical notes, useful equations, related links – industry publications, organizations, trade shows and conferences, safety and regulatory agencies, and technical articles and white papers.