NEC and Innovada Demonstrate V850 NetChip Module

March 17, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

NEC Electronics Inc. (Santa Clara, CA) announced it will demonstrate its new V850 NetChip modules at the Embedded Systems Conference in San Francisco. Jointly developed with Innovada, the V850 NetChip module includes the hardware and software required to develop products that can access the Internet, transfer data, and send and receive e-mail. The modules are suitable for applications such as utility meters; motor control; building automation, including fire and security, heating and air conditioning; and vending machines.

The V850 NetChip modules have the same industry-standard form factor, removing any network dependency from the host system. Each module is controlled using a simple serial interface, configurable up to 115Kbps, making it an easy addition to most electronic products. The modem module provides dial-up connectivity up to 14,400bps or V.21bis, V.22bis, V.22bis, V.32bis and V.32bis with V.42 error correction. The module also offers a software data-pump and data-access arrangement, as well as embedded peripherals such as an analog-to-digital converter and pulse-width modulator.

The V850 NetChip module is available now in both modem and LAN configurations from Innovada.