Monitoring Solution for Residential PV Plants

February 15, 2015 by Jeff Shepard

Solar Data Systems, Inc. is shipping its first American-manufactured Solar-Log & GE Meters. The Solar-Log 350 is an ANSI certified Revenue Grade Meter equipped with Solar-Logs proven monitoring technology. The highly-popular GE meter and the incorporated Solar-Log® hardware are both entirely made in the USA. The combination of these two market leading technologies resulted in a cost competitive monitoring solution for residential PV plants. The built-in cellular communication and the standardized installation process make it a truly plug-and-play socket meter based solution.

"This unique integration of monitoring and metering allowed us to provide PV performance monitoring, revenue grade metering, incentive reporting, and power management all in one device and at a significantly reduced cost. In addition, our Solar-Log & GE Meter is capable of scaling from today's PV monitoring needs to future inverter power management solutions," says Anton Kaeslin, President of Solar Data Systems, Inc.

The Solar-Log 350 can be purchased through a wide variety of distributors, installers, and solar leasing companies across the nation. This summer will bring the release of the Solar-Log 360 & 370 meters. They will offer enhanced monitoring solutions, such as self-consumption metering, weather information tracking, inverter direct monitoring, and power management.