Moltech Expands Safety of Li-S Technology

September 25, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Moltech Corp. (Tucson, AZ) has made an advancement in the recent research and development of its newest technology, lithium-sulfur (Li-S), that will enable the production and commercialization of safe,

reliable cells.

Moltech has demonstrated a proprietary anode stabilization method in order to maintain safe performance of Li-S cells. The concept involves adding an engineered layer on the electrode's surface in order to eliminate shape change and dendrite formation, the key causes of cell degradation. The stabilization layer serves as a barrier to all ions except lithium, allowing the cycling of lithium electrodes without the loss of capacity or change in shape.

"This is an exciting development in Li-S technology," said Moltech CTO James Akridge. "Combined with our work in

electrolyte composition, electronic controls development and cell packaging designs, our electrode stabilization method will allow us to commercialize a lithium cell that will provide the safe and reliable performance that consumers demand for their portable devices."

Li-S is a viable solution for a broad range of applications, including portable computers and hand-held devices, wireless phones, power tools, appliances, hybrid-electric vehicles, and more. Volume production of Li-S cells is planned to begin in 2003.