Modine's Fuel Cell Group Provides Components to VW

May 19, 2005 by Jeff Shepard

Modine Manufacturing Co. (Racine, WI) announced that it is now supplying humidification and water management components to Volkswagen AG for its fuel cell hybrid vehicle - the Touran HyMotion. Modine has been working on developing this fuel cell technology for the past year. Over the next year, the company will continue working with Volkswagen to optimize these and other critical components for its fuel cell systems.

"This opportunity allows Modine and Volkswagen to combine their years of expertise toward making fuel cell vehicle systems commercially viable," said Modine Fuel Cell Products Group Director Mark Baffa. "This vehicle will allow Volkswagen to gain invaluable learning for its future endeavors in this important technology, and Modine is pleased to have been able to support its efforts. We look forward to our future collaboration with them."