Milbank and Sentec Announce Strategic Partnership to Expand Smart Energy Products

April 07, 2013 by Jeff Shepard

Milbank Manufacturing Company and Sentec, Ltd. have today announced a strategic partnership to research and develop new products and business ideas for smart grid and demand response applications. Sentec has previously been involved with Milbank in the capacity of product development consultancy, and this takes their business relationship forward to a new model. Previous developments have included Milbank’s home energy management system, Synap6, as well as other products for load management and transfer switching.

The Synap6 controls up to six on– or off–grid power sources as electrical loads. It also tracks energy distribution and consumption, providing synthesized data homeowners can use to monitor their usage. The interface also allows the user to adjust system behavior, making their home run "greener" and more cost effectively by switching draw from the grid to on–site instantly.

Integrated wired and wireless communication protocols help the intelligent Synap6 seamlessly manage grid and distributed generation sources, as well as electrical loads on a property. The system is even able to turn off non–critical devices, or draw energy from storage to reduce consumption from the grid. It is also able to buy and sell energy to exploit tariff differentials.

Lavon R. Winkler, President and CEO at Milbank commented, “Sentec’s innovation and knowledge of the smart grid have enabled us to expand into new markets with ground-breaking new product offerings, and we are keen to further the relationship.”

Mark England, CEO of Sentec, added, “Innovation at Sentec is not just about new technologies. We are also developing new ways of working with our partners and new business models which enable all parties to benefit from both intellectual property and products developed in close collaboration.”

In concert with this partnership, Milbank announces the establishment of its operations in the UK, with offices in Cambridge. Milbank will bring its energy management technology to countries throughout Europe.