Micrometals Helps Engineers “Find and Design Faster” with Inductor Cores

April 26, 2020 by Paul Shepard

Micrometals has launched a new website that includes powerful parametric searching, product comparison and calculation software aimed at helping power component engineers "Find and Design Faster" than ever before with high performance distributed gap Iron and Alloy powder cores. The new site has been completely redesigned to provide a comprehensive and easily searched collection of inductor core solutions and powerful design software.

The feature-rich homepage provides multiple points of search and navigation to make it easy to find products, data or specifications on the thousands of cores available.  Drop down navigation also features enhanced application pages, literature downloads, global contacts and company information.

Product Finder - The new product finder is a powerful parametric search tool where engineers can quickly find core solutions based on the most common specifications including core size, shape, Al value, reference permeability, material type or specific material mix.  From the Product Finder engineers can easily view product datasheets, request samples or a quotation.  For registered users, specific products can be selected for analysis to calculate performance in a wound configuration and several configurations can be compared side-by-side.

Inductor Designer - The redesigned Inductor Designer allows registered users to input their specific electrical requirements and constraints and review design options that can be sorted and optimized based upon performance attributes, cost or size. Engineers can download the solutions via csv file or select a specific solution to add to their cart, or more that specific core to the Inductor Analyzer for further refinement or comparison to other designs.  Once an ideal design is found it can be easily moved into the Inductor Analyzer for additional optimization or analysis.

Inductor Analyzer - The new Inductor Analyzer provides engineers with a comprehensive analysis tool to allow them to optimize discrete inductor designs based upon Micrometals cores or compare them to previously analyzed designs.  The analyzer will also alert designers to any performance limitations and allow them to review side-by-side performance difference comparisons on up to three different designs.

Jim Cox, Micrometals President commented "The feedback on the new website has been tremendous and we are thrilled that our goals for the new site were achieved, to allow our customers, engineers and buyers to be able to Find and Design Faster than ever before.  We set out to create the best website in our industry and the customer feedback so far has been very positive. As an engineer, I really appreciate the look of the new site and how intuitive it is to find what I'm looking for and use the software to analyze solutions."

The new website provides open access to datasheets, application notes, materials and company information.  The design and analysis software require basic customer registration so that any updates or technical support issues can be reviewed by Micrometals engineers to improve overall engineer experience.  The new website is fully compliant with global privacy mandates.