McKenzie Bay Unveils Next-Generation Wind Turbine Design

March 24, 2005 by Jeff Shepard

McKenzie Bay International Ltd. (Brighton, MI) introduced a commercial production design of its WindStor wind turbine, which is a departure from traditional, propeller-airplane wind turbines. The new WindStor design features three curving blades coming together at the top of the mast. The design is suitable for urban applications, including innovative safety redundancies and noise-reduction engineering.

"The WindStor offers the prospect for the best of all worlds," stated McKenzie Bay President and CEO Gary Westerholm. "Assuming that WindStor performs as we anticipate, business owners should be able to retain the stability of utility power while enjoying energy cost savings without financial risks; utilities win because distributed energy reduces stress on the grid; our country’s homeland security wins through diversification of our power supply; our shareholders win because we expect to be cost competitive and earn a profit; and the environment wins by reducing fossil fuel consumption and air pollution while helping to build a secure and sustainable future."

WindStor Power Co., a wholly owned McKenzie Bay subsidiary, intends to sell electricity to customers and, after negotiating power purchase agreements, begin to contract-manufacture and install the WindStor wind turbines.