Magnetek’s Aurora® PV Inverters Receive UL Listing

October 14, 2008 by Jeff Shepard

Magnetek, Inc. announced that its Aurora PVI-Central 50 and 100kW photovoltaic inverters have been tested and listed to UL standards for grid-connected operation on the utility grid throughout the United States and Canada.

Magnetek’s PVI-CENTRAL-50 and PVI-CENTRAL-100 grid-tied systems are designed for commercial solar applications such as big box retail; office, apartment, and industrial facilities; or ground mount installations. Aurora’s Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithm is said to maximize energy produced under varying light conditions. The inverter’s Insulated Gate Bi-polar Transistors (IGBTs) are said to reduce thermal energy losses for optimum performance.

The PVI-CENTRAL-50 is a turnkey solution for connection to low-voltage public utilities. Using integrated light sensors, it offers nighttime disconnection of the transformer to eliminate undesired losses. A string combiner box is optionally available to parallel, protect and monitor all of the photovoltaic strings and to enhance the monitoring and diagnostic capabilities of the system.

PVI-CENTRAL-100 grid-tied systems feature scalability in a common-enclosure package that is delivered pre-configured and pre-tested. In addition to reducing on-site installation wiring and testing, this technology provides cost-effective solutions with smaller footprints and increased reliability. Applications flexibility is enhanced by the availability of models with and without isolation transformers that are self contained within the inverter rack.